Spring Sprint 2012

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May 6, 2012: Mens triathlon relay (Team Sith Lords): Pat Rentz (swim), Me (bike), and Jay Simbulan (run). We took second place. I believe I had the fastest bike time I've ever had on Fiesta Island. Something to forget: Very unprofessional awards ceremony.


Big Rock Sprint Triathlon 2011

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October 15, 2011: Lake Perris, CA. 1:15:51 / 12th overall / 1st AG. Amazing: 1st AG bike and swim (WTF?), 2nd AG run. 2nd overall bike.


AFC 2011

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August 21, 2011: The race I want to forget. :) 1:44:45. Four minutes slower than last year. One minute slower than when I first ran it.


Solana Beach Triathlon 2011

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July 24, 2011: My best sprint result finish so far. 1:00:26. 8th AG out of 66, 96th overall out of 1108. Swim was good, bike was best, run was painful in the lungs.


Ironman Coeur d'Alene 2011

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June 26, 2011: First IM race. Official time was 12:48:49.


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