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2010 Year in Review

Guess I better reflect on 2010 before too much of 2011 has elapsed! Though I would have liked to have more age group podium finishes in 2010, in many ways it was a banner year for me as I complete a little more than half of my second year of training and competing in triathlon. So here’s a little summary of the year by the numbers:

  • Competed in 17 races … finished¬†eight races in the top 10 of my age group
  • Two age group podium finishes, both 2nd place in 5K races
  • 6 PRs
  • Top 250 in Carlsbad 5000
  • Finished in top 10 age group in all three sprint triathlons entered
  • Ran under four hours in my first marathon
  • Ran sub-20-minute 5K
  • Ran sub-1:40 half marathon
  • Swam a total of 356,004 yards or 202 miles
  • Biked an approximate total of 2,348 miles
  • Ran a total of 1,140 miles

Some of my most memorable races include the following great and not so great memories:

Ironman 70.3 California

  • First 70.3 distance triathlon
  • Cramps during the entire half marathon
  • Spent previous weekend in the emergency room due to a cycling accident on Fiesta Island

Carlsbad 5000

  • First time to finish in top 250 and earn a top 250 medal

La Jolla Half Marathon

  • First negative split race
  • After reaching the top of Torrey Pines, my body felt like the race just started

Spring Sprint Triathlon

  • First top 10 age group finish in a triathlon
  • Spent most of my time on the bike course yelling at other athletes to get out of my way since the single lane on Fiesta Island was split into two

Nautica Malibu Classic Triathlon

  • Finished top 10 age group at a major venue
  • Disappointed with my 8th place finish because I raced most of the course “alone” thinking I was easily in the top 5

Big Rock Sprint Triathlon

  • Finished 14th overall
  • Missed 3rd place age group by 2.3 seconds

The end of 2010 was pretty exciting. In October, I finished out the triathlon season with the Big Rock Sprint Tri. I was a little tired on the run but managed to finish 14th overall. Unfortunately, I missed a 3rd place age group finish by a mere 2.3 seconds. Still, I felt good about my race and believed it was just the beginning of a great finish to 2010.

I rode a PR wave in November. I finally broke through the sub-20-minute 5K barrier at my 3rd time running the Shelter Island 5K. With four seconds to spare, I took 2nd place in my age group. The prize was a free dinner at one of the resort hotels. By about five minutes, I crushed the the sub-100 minute half marathon barrier at the Silver Strand half. I even set a new 10K PR by almost one minute. All of this was building to a crescendo of preparing for a Boston qualifying attempt at the Tucson Marathon in December.

At Tucson, I planned to run 3:25, which would give me five minutes to spare and qualify me for the Boston classic. The course was primarily downhill with a slight decline overall. The course was deceivingly tougher than it appeared on paper. With a mere 10K remaining, I had one hour to go. After 20 miles I silently celebrated the thought that I just needed to run 9:00/mile to qualify for Boston.

Unfortunately, in an instant, everything changed. I felt sharp pains below my hips, right above my quads. I could barely move at that point, and I had to just shuffle the remaining 6 miles to the finish, missing Boston qualification by 20 minutes.

And so that leaves me at the start of 2011 with injuries to my hip flexors. Currently, I’m in physical therapy and not running very much. I had to drop out of the Resolution Run 15K and Carlsbad Marathon in January. Through my experience so far with physical therapy, I’ve learned a couple of things that I will be incorporating from now on.

All of the exercises I’m doing in therapy are exercises I had done during strength training in the gym prior to my triathlon days. As a result, I have incorporated three hours of strength training into my regimen to make sure that my main muscles and supporting muscles are strengthened to endure the long hours of training and racing. Also, I plan on never skipping a warm-up, stretching, or cool down for run workouts ever again. I cannot afford to be lazy especially when this injury is preventing me from achieving my goals.

And that’s a wrap on 2010. I am looking forward to my training and races in 2011!